Bulk Trash Day Leads to Treasure!

Welcome to my first post! I have been refinishing/inventing/creating for years, and I thought I would share!

I was on my way to a wonderful festival at the Goat Farm in Atlanta with a friend, when I saw this horribly wonderful chair on the side of the road. We have bulk trash day in Atlanta, when the trash people will pick up furniture people will put their items in their yard that you can drive by. One step up from dumpster diving!

This chair was incredibly disgusting. It looked like someone did a bad stain job on top of old stain, and then left it out in the rain to MOLD! I was not sure if it would be salvageable. I started pulling off the old fabric, and a bug flew out at me! It was probably the worst condition of anything I have taken on. I was so grossed out, I wanted everything but the frame in the trash. I decided for this particular piece, I needed to strip the stain off to feel clean. The good news is that the cane was still in good shape, as well as the actual frame. I decided to go with something with some color. Should I do that through the fabric, or the frame? You can never go wrong with white frame- I decided to start there. Sarah Richardson had a beautiful Schumacher fabric that she used in one of her “Sarah 101” episodes. $140 a yard! At that price, you better make sure you like it. Even the fabric samples were $10.  I found a pillow online for $35- my thought was that if I like it, I would want some pillows anyway. It seemed like a better investment. I am awaiting the sample in the mail- I can’t wait to show the reveal soon!

Here is the updated frame in white. Already looks so much better!!

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